Anna Gunn Joins FOX's 'Broadchurch' Remake with Jacki Weaver


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FOX has snagged not one, but two critically-acclaimed actresses for its 'Broadchurch' remake. 

Anna Gunn Joins FOX's 'Broadchurch' Remake with Jacki WeaverRecent Emmy award-winner Anna Gunn (otherwise known as Skylar from 'Breaking Bad') and Oscar-nominee Jacki Weaver ('Silver Linings Playbook') have come aboard 'Gracepoint,' FOX’s limited-series adaptation of the UK murder mystery. 

TVLine reports Gunn will play Detective Ellie Miller, a happily married wife and mother who works as a police detective in the sleepy seaside town of Gracepoint. When a promotion she was promised goes to an outsider (played by David Tennant, who is essentially reprising his role from the UK version but with a different name), Ellie's not too pleased. But her disappointment fades in light of tragedy, and she must work her very first murder case with her new partner. 

Weaver will take over the role of Susan Wright, a glowering and mysterious woman who lives in the local RV park with only her dog to keep her company. She prefers to remain anonymous, and has a dark history kept fiercely hidden. (But I bet that dog knows all of her secrets.)

Dan Futterman ('Capote,' 'In Treatment') and Anya Epstein ('In Treatment,' 'Homicide') will serve as the showrunners and executive producers. The original series creator, Chris Chibnall, will also executive-produce.

The series is just another in a long line-up of American shows based on popular UK series. Let's hope 'Gracepoint,' goes the way of 'House of Cards' than, say, 'The Inbetweeners.' 

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Nov 18th, 2013, 12:49 pm

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