Who Will You Choose for Your 50th Anniversary 'Doctor Whodle'?


Who Will You Choose for Your 50th Anniversary 'Doctor Whodle'?


Google is getting in the 'Doctor Who' spirit with a new interactive doodle.

Dubbed “Doctor Whodle," the Google-game (play here) honors the 50th anniversary of the 'Doctor' with retro-style pixilated characters of all 11 incarnations of the BBC’s infamous time lord. Requested by 'Who' fans via a petition at, the game let's you pick your favorite Doctor in a point-and-click adventure across time, space, and hopefully a few minutes of your work day. 

Personally, I opted to play as Matt Smith’s likeness, the present and soon to be past Doctor, because bow ties are cool (sadly the figure does not come complete with a red fez). The game allows you to outrun the Daleks in various locations and eras to find letters that spell out "Google," in a shameless win for cross-purpose marketing.

If you're trying to figure out ways to hide your 'Who' game while at the office, here are some suggestions:

1. Wear a very large scarf.
2. Stay under your desk looking for your "sonic screwdriver."
3. Be sure to shut the door to your TARDIS (aka bathroom stall).
4. If anyone asks, say you’re working on a wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey thing.


The Doctors Unite


Fans of the series, who are anxiously awaiting the anniversary special, have been treated to a tantalizing lead up from the BBC with 'The Night of the Doctor,' a short online prequel featuring the return of the 8th Doctor, reprised by Paul McGann. There’s also 'An Adventure in Space and Time,' a behind-the-scenes TV movie about the origins of the show. Finally, the main event: 'The Day of the Doctor' airs on BBC One Nov. 23, 50 years after the original TARDIS first materialized.

So, for those of you with that special nerd in your life, try to understand why their Saturday will have a copious amount of British television, and resist asking "Who’s that?" because you’ll get about 50 years worth of backstory. 

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Written by: Chill19
Nov 22nd, 2013, 9:29 pm

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