WATCH: 'Sherlock' Releases First Official Season 3 Teaser Trailer!


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Okay, folks — today is officially now the best day ever and, for once, it has nothing to do with the fact that it's Saturday (though that certainly is the cherry atop this proverbial sundae). No, what I'm talking about is the glorious fact that BBC has released the very first official teaser trailer for the highly anticipated third installment of the 'Sherlock' series. Deep breaths, everyone...deep breaths.

If you recall, the network graciously gifted fans with this rather sorrowful-looking photo earlier this month (see above). But that was just the tip of the deductive iceberg, my dear readers. Those who tuned in to the 50th anniversary episode of 'Doctor Who' were given an unexpected treat in the form of this short (but sweet) clip revealing some never-before-seen footage, including...Watson with a mustache? (It's different, but I gotta admit, I don't hate it).

And while details surrounding the rocky relationship between our beloved doctor and detective still remains unclear, Sherlock's resurrection certainly becomes a huge hit on the social media scene. (Behold the power of Twitter).

Check out the teaser trailer below and get pumped for what's to come. it January yet?

'Sherlock' premieres on Sunday, Jan. 19 on 10/9c on PBS.

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Nov 23rd, 2013, 6:37 pm

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Can't wait for some solid Benedict Cumberbatch entertainment :)

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