Martin Sheen to Star in Whaling Disaster TV Movie Inspired by 'Moby Dick'


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Ever wonder what inspired revered author Herman Melville to write his classic 'Moby Dick'? Well, wonder no more, thanks to a new two-hour film starring Martin Sheen.

Sheen will star in the aptly-titled, 'The Whale,' a new film from BBC Factual Productions and Animal Planet that’s set to premiere in December on BBC 1 and in summer of 2014 on Animal Planet. Based on true events, the two-hour drama depicts the ill-fated voyage of the whaling ship, the Essex, and is inspired by real-life accounts of the ship’s sinking. These accounts are said to have inspired Melville's own whaling epic, 'Moby Dick.'

Sheen plays Old Thomas Nickerson, who served as the ship's cabin boy. Now before you argue that 73 year-old Sheen is, ahem, too "old" to be playing a cabin boy, I should inform you that there will be a young Tom Nickerson, played by Charles Furness.  

The flick is written by Terry Cafolla ('Messiah,' 'Holy Cross') and stars a whole crew of familar faces: Jonas Armstrong ('Robin Hood') as First Mate Owen Chase; Adam Rayner ('The Hunted') as Captain Pollard; Paul Kaye ('Game of Thrones') as Joy; David Gyasi ('Cloud Atlas') as Peterson; and Jolyon Coy ('The Hollow Crown') as Lawrence. It also stars Jassa Ahluwalisa, John Boyega and Ferdinand Kingsley. 

Filming took place on location in Malta this past spring and wrapped up outside of London last summer.

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Nov 25th, 2013, 11:33 am

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