'Family Guy' Death Plot Thickens with Mysterious Website


'Family Guy' Death Plot Thickens with Mysterious Website


On the first day came shock; the second brought sadness and despair. Now, on the third day following the sudden and tragic exit of Brian on ‘Family Guy,’ there is not so much acceptance, as instead wild theories that point to a triumphant (and miraculous) return.

On Sunday night’s episode of the long-running animated series, Brian, the Griffin’s faithful and quick-witted talking dog, was run over by a car and killed. The moment shocked viewers, dismaying some to such an extent that a petition was created on, a petition that at the moment has netted over 53,000 electronic signatures.

While that online forum appeared in the wee hours of Monday morning, it’s a website that sprouted on Tuesday that has piqued the curiosity of many. The very simple web page, found at, features an animated image of a car entering Quahog, and a clock counting down stating that special message from Brian is coming soon. The site is linked to the ‘Family Guy’ website and Facebook page, but is said to be unaffiliated with the creators and network.

Curiously though, the clock seems to be ticking by with the end coming on Friday, Dec. 6. ‘Family Guy’ is off this week, and returns on Sunday, Dec. 8.

So naturally, the Internet is all abuzz with conspiracy theories and speculation, the main one being that Stewie simply sends out a Christmas wish to get his best friend and companion back, and that the wish will be granted. The Dec. 15 episode dubbed ‘Christmas Guy’ apparently tells the story of Stewie seeking a most cherished gift.

While time will indeed tell, it would seem fun but entirely useless to speculate wildly. For in the end, Seth MacFarlane with his fictitious animated show where people don’t age, babies talk, and dogs drive, can do whatever he pleases and come up with any explanation, however reasonable or ridiculous.

 In case you missed it, here is Brian's tearful farewell (maybe).

- Seth MacFarlane
- Family Guy

Written by: AnthonyWrites
Nov 26th, 2013, 2:02 pm

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Not only does a spinoff make ZERO sense at all, it has nothing to do with it.  Seth has been saying for years he doesn't have enough time to do all these voices.


This happened, deal with it.


Message Posted On Nov 27th, 2013, 11:05 am
Most likely a spin-off show since The Cleveland Show was cancelled

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That was at 9:04 PM PST on Tuesday Nov 26th... which means Wedsnesday Nov. 27th at 2PM PST not Friday the 6th
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