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Colin Ferguson on Eureka: Season 5

colin fergusonThe Season 5 premiere of Eureka threw one surprise after another; it began with the show picking up four years later. Then it moved on to a totally different territory, when it was revealed in the show that the character of Jo played by Erica Cerra and Carter played by Colin Ferguson were and item. This happened because Allison played by Salli Richardson-Whitfield along with the crew of Aztraeus went missing for nearly 4 years. So when Allison comes back after 4 years, Carter can’t find the courage to tell her the truth about him and Jo.

Meanwhile, Colin in an interview asserts the fact that, although not an emotional drama like the Bold and the beautiful, this science fiction show would have its emotional ups and downs. When he is asked if Jo and Allison are always meant to be together, he isn’t too forthcoming about it. He smartly skirts around the issue by saying that, if the two characters on the show do love each other, then they will make things work out. In the end, Colin says that the viewer is the king. They could try all sorts of experiments on the show, but the viewers have to like it. Ferguson reveals that he and Niall Matter who plays Zane on the show follow the twitter feeds of the show closely, and see the spike in the tweets when something like a Jo and Carter kiss happens. The response to such one off incidents on the show it seems is comparable sometimes, to the reaction and the response the show received on is debut.

This only goes to reiterate the fact that, the viewer is the one that ultimately decides the fate of how a show would actually turn out. A fan of the show would literally live breathe and experience the show, as its happening, and be a part of all its ups and downs.

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Written by: jimmy478
Apr 23rd, 2012, 11:30 pm


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Message Posted On Apr 24th, 2012, 11:13 am

Thisis is a stupid article.


The reality where they are together is a simulation.  In the real world its only been 30 days.

This article would have not been stupid before the season started.  Considering it already been 2 weeks since the first show ended ( and that show clearly indicated it wasn't real ) I don't understand the point of pretending.


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Message Posted On Apr 24th, 2012, 7:08 am

"When he is asked if Jo and Allison are always meant to be together"


Ummm...Jo and Allison?  I think you mean Carter and Allison, since Carter has had a thing for Allison since nearly the beginning of the show.  While I wouldn't mind seeing a little action between Jo and Allison (two beautiful women), I think it unlikely to happen on Eureka :-)


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