'The Walking Dead' Midseason Return Date Announced


David Morrissey as The Governor


Wow. That's about the only word I could muster after sitting through 'Too Far Gone,' last night's absolutely harrowing midseason finale of AMC's 'The Walking Dead.' Several lives were lost, gallons of blood were spilled, and trying to predict what the 'TWD' writing staff would do was once again proven to be a fool's errand.

Despite the barn burner that we're collectively recovering from, it is important to remember that the fourth season of 'The Walking Dead' is far from over. Eight more episodes are coming our way in early 2014, and as is becoming a tradition, 'Talking Dead' host Chris Hardwick took it upon himself to announce 'TWD's midseason return date at the end of last night's broadcast.

The big night is :drumroll: Feb. 9, 2014! Yep, the second Sunday of the month will bring us the start of eight more hours of zombie mayhem.

The first episode back has yet to be titled, but it's sure to be one with major ramifications for the show going forward. The group of survivors must attempt to reunite and move past all the horrors that they just witnessed, a task which seems to get harder after every massacre they witness. I can't help but wonder if everyone's fate is to end up as utterly crazy as Rick's was last season. The human mind can only withstand so much torment.

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Written by: msd85
Dec 2nd, 2013, 6:10 am

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