Halle Berry to Produce History Miniseries on Hannibal


Halle Berry to Produce History Miniseries Hannibal


In an unlikely alliance, Halle Berry and Hannibal Barca are teaming up – sort of.

The Oscar-winning actress (and Razzie-Award winner, too) will turn producer, as Berry is set to oversee a History Channel miniseries about the life of the legendary African general.

With a working title of ‘Hannibal’ (though hopefully not confused with the serialized fictional drama of the same name starring Mads Mikkelsen as Mr. Lecter), the narrative will begin in 264 BC and follow Barca’s upbringing, leading to the historic Second Punic War between Carthage and Rome.

Berry has said she’s quite enthralled with the story of Hannibal, and she is certainly right that there is a lot to take in and explore. The Hannibalic War, as it became known, lasted nearly two decades, and was the second of three times the African territory fought the Roman Republic. It is perhaps most famous for the oft-brilliant Hannibal’s costly and curious decision to cross the Alps.

What’s more, Hannibal’s rivalry with Scipio Africanus makes Rick Grimes and the Governor look like two kids fighting on the playground at school. The two faced off in the Battle of Zama in Africa, and spoiler alert, Scipio prevailed.

Writer Jeffrey Caine, who was nominated for an Oscar for ‘The Constant Gardener’ script, will pen the story.

This is yet another television endeavor for the big screen star, as it was just announced a couple months ago Berry would star in CBS’ forthcoming sci-fi drama ‘Extant,’ led by Steven Spielberg. The History Channel meanwhile continues their foray into scripted television, having found success with ‘Hatfields & McCoys,’ ‘The Bible,’ and the continuing series ‘Vikings.’ They also have an Adrien Brody-starring project on Harry Houdini in the works.

Coincidently, Hannibal, Houdini, Jesus, and Ragnar Lothbrok would make a pretty cool Avengers-style group of heroes for a TV series. Your move, History Channel.

- Halle Berry

Written by: AnthonyWrites
Dec 2nd, 2013, 12:33 pm

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