Louis C.K. Getting Second Show on FX


Louis C.K. Gets Another Deal at FX


It began with one show, but it seems that Louis C.K. may slowly be building an empire. While the comedian’s sitcom ‘Louie’ returns for a fourth season on FX in May 2014, the network wants more of the funny, self-deprecating, and often vulgar personality.

Louis C.K. and FX Networks have agreed to a deal to develop and produce a new series, one unrelated to the current C.K. comedy. Under the agreement, Louis C.K. will create, supervise, and executive produce, and has the option to write or direct as he deems necessary.

Not only does he act, write, and direct ‘Louie,’ but the ambitious comedian has edited the show as well, priding himself on constanly learning new skills and immersing himself in his work.

All of it is to say that the creative mind of Louis C.K. will have more outlets and more opportunity to inform and entertain. The new situation with FX will foster further growth for those around the innovative and independent comedian, as Louis C.K. will work with others to see their projects to fruition.

So it stands to reason that he will continue to change the comedic landscape of television and stand-up. In the past, Louis C.K. sought help from fans, crowdfunding a comedy special directly from fans for $5 on his website. The very successful precedent was followed by Louis C.K. selling tickets to his standup tour directly to his fans, forgoing service charges and added fees.

- Louis C.K.
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Written by: AnthonyWrites
Dec 3rd, 2013, 1:50 pm

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