Annaleigh Ashford Upped to Regular on ‘Masters Of Sex’


Annaleigh Ashford in Masters of Sex


Some would say (myself included) that Showtime's freshmen drama 'Masters of Sex' is one of the best new shows to air this fall. And they would be correct (though I may be a little biased).

Sure, at face value the show can simply be viewed as a series centered entirely around sex (which, okay, it kinda is), but it's also about scientific discoveries, workplace politics, and a better understanding of what makes the human body tick, in more ways than one. And yes, there's a lot of sex involved.

But one thing the show has been severely missing for several weeks now is the presence of a certain standout star, Annaleigh Ashford, who's played the lovable prostitute Betty Dimello and served as one of Dr. Bill Masters' (Michael Sheen) first original test subjects. However, according to Deadline, the actress will be back for Season 2 and in a much more permanent capacity.

The good news is that means Ashford's been promoted to a series regular. The bad news is that now means she'll be leaving her Tony-nominated role in the hit Broadway musical 'Kinky Boots' sometime in March. So if you were hoping to catch her on stage, your opportunities are getting pretty limited. But Betty will finally be back to stay, and for that, I cannot complain.

Are you thrilled to hear about Ashford's return to the series? Are you now regretting booking your 'Kinky Boots' tickets for April? Are you intrigued by the show or utterly repulsed? Sound off on all your thoughts and feelings in the comments below!

'Masters of Sex' airs on Sundays at 10/9c on Showtime.

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Written by: Kelly_Schremph
Dec 4th, 2013, 9:21 am

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