Jenji Kohan Developing a Salem Pilot for HBO


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From 'American Horror Story' to 'Witches of East End,' witches are so hot right now on TV. But they're even hotter when they're being burned at the stake, which is probably why Jenji Kohan is developing a Salem drama series for HBO, according to The Hollywood Reporter. (OK, maybe that wasn't the best segue into this news story, but it's still, you know, true.)

Kohan, of course, is the brilliant creator behind 'Weeds' and 'Orange Is the New Black.' Though her previous efforts are hip and modern comedies, they both feature strong female characters amidst a controversial setting, so Kohan's definitely got the whole "women being vilified and eschewed" thing down, and I, being the biggest 'Practical Magic' fan ever, am very excited to see where she goes with this story.

Kohan will write the script alongside Bruce Miller ('Alphas,' 'Eureka') and Tracy Miller, with the focus of the show exploring the circumstances surrounding one of the most intriguing yet intense chapters in American history that pit neighbor against neighbor, inciting mass hysteria in New England.

The Salem project is the latest buy for HBO. Its current slate for new series includes a new sexuality series 'Open' from Ryan Murphy as well as 'Leftovers' from Damon Lindelof

For those who are anxious for more Kohan, the production for the second season of 'OITNB' is underway and is expected to hit Netflix sometime next year. 

- Jenji Kohan

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Dec 6th, 2013, 8:49 am

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I'll forgive the witch bandwagon because it's HBO. Still though.... baaah baaah.

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