'Friday Night Lights' Movie a No-Go


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Brace yourself, 'Friday Night Lights' fans: the anticipated follow-up movie is dead, according to executive producer, Peter Berg. Looks like our eyes aren't clear, our hearts are empty and, yes, we can totally lose, after all. 

Berg told, “There’s not gonna be a movie. We talked about it, some people thought it was a good idea, some didn’t; I’ve come to believe it’s probably not a good idea and I seriously doubt it’s gonna happen.”

Rumors of doing a movie have been circulating for years after the show ended in 2011 after five seasons, in addition to some cast members expressing their interest to shoot a follow-up film to the critically acclaimed show. The most vocal was leading lady Connie Britton, who was game for another movie (she co-starred in the original 2004 'Friday Night Lights' film with Billy Bob Thornton of which the NBC/DirecTV drama was based), but her TV hubby, Kyle Chandler, didn't share the sentiment.

He told MTV News last year, “My general attitude about 'Friday Night Lights' is, it was a great movie with Billy Bob and it was a great TV show. They ended it at exactly the right time and in exactly the right way, as well.”

Hunky Taylor Kitsch, who played football player Riggs, agreed with Chandler, telling Vulture last week: "I'm not doing it. I'm never gonna be in that movie. There was already a movie! And the show ended f--kin' spot-on. We're good."

Sigh. Looks like Connie and I aren't going to get our wish. Well, there will always be Netflix.  

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Written by: briannehogan
Dec 10th, 2013, 7:55 am

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Message Posted On Dec 10th, 2013, 8:20 am
Sigh, if only I could care about this garbage passed as entertainment. In this case NOT passed because the money feels exactly as I do. sadly it isn't a victory for intelligence as the money will merely drift to more crap no one will watch.
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