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‘Hawaii Five-0’ Books Tom Berenger as Danny’s Father




Danny’s (Scott Caan) dad is coming to the Aloha state! That’s right, Mr. Tom Berenger has booked a guest-spot on ‘Hawaii Five-0’ as Danno’s father, Entertainment Weekly exclusively reports.

Berenger will appear in 2014 as Danny’s ex-firefighter father. The best part? He’ll appear alongside Melanie Griffith, who will be portraying Danno’s mother in several upcoming episodes. Now, that’s a lot of talent in one episode! Unlike Griffith, who will guest on three episodes, Berenger (so far) will only pop up in one episode (the last of Griffith's scheduled episodes).

As ‘Five-0’s executive producer Peter Lenkov noted, “[Danny's mom] ends up rocking his world because she comes with this big piece of news, and it forces them to look at their relationship. It’s a very nice ride. She’s going to have some really great scenes with McGarrett and in one episode she’s on a ride along with Chi McBride, which I think we’re looking forward to. It’s a sweet little arc.”

Lenkov also added that Danny’s mom is “the anti-McGarrett mom,” which provides the show with fresher and newer material for the mother-son relationship. “She’s a real stay-at-home mom; she’s not a spy. She’s just a good woman looking to be a good mom to her kids,” Lenkov said. “One of them is across the world in Hawaii, another is on the run, and [she has] a couple of daughters, and I think she’s just looking to be a mom. She’s just looking for somebody to want her.”

How do you feel about both Berenger and Griffith joining the CBS crime reboot?

‘Hawaii Five-0’ airs Fridays at 9/8c.

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Written by: akoerner
Dec 12th, 2013, 12:47 am

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Message Posted On Dec 15th, 2013, 9:43 pm
While I like Tom Berenger, I would have liked to see James Caan appear as Danny's Hawaii Five-O dad. James Caan can do either drama or comedy very well and I think it would have been awesome to see real-life father and son on the small screen together.
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