MTV Movie Awards Going the Academy Way

mtv movie awardsMTV Movie Award might be turning serious, and that is news many of its diehard fans might not take well; but before they boo the idea they might just want to read this. The awards are known for its zany humor, with the biggest of stars indulging in practical jokes and basically being a good sport. It has the most ridiculous categories in which awards are handed out including best scared-as-shit performance and biggest badass star. The awards manage to do two things year after year: it brings together all the big names in the entertainment industry under one roof for that one evening, and the other, it proves to the world that even the biggest of stars have a sense of humor. But, it turns out that, MTV possibly wants this award of theirs to be taken seriously for a change.

Hence for the future new categories have been added, a voting academy has been formed consisting of industry professionals and a performance by an indie pop band, would be one of the three musical acts that the show has. The show would still keep its original essence alive though, with its legendary best-kiss and best fight awards going nowhere, as these two are awards that viewers and fans of the show actually look forwards to. On the other hand awards like best scared-as-shit performance and biggest badass star are being shown the door, as no award show that wants to be taken seriously, can really afford to have those kinds of categories.  The most interesting category that has been added though is a ‘breakthrough performance’ award, which would be chosen by vote, cast only by directors. That would surely be a category many actors would be vying for, and that is what MTV is probably going for.

It probably wants the stars that come for the awards to come, not just for promoting their next film or for having an enjoyable evening, but also to wait with eager faces, to see who their colleagues and peers have chosen to be the best in a certain category. The name of the voters on the panel would remain a secret, and would follow a similar model to that of the MTV Video Music Awards. Fan voting though would still be as it was with it beginning on May 1st at It will still be viewer voting for the night’s top award—The Movie of the Year.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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Apr 26th, 2012, 9:01 am


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Yeah, 'cause if anyone knows music and quality, the first thing that comes to my mind is MTV!! Yeah, right!!!
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