'90210' Will Once Again See Billy Ray Cyrus

billy ray cyrusBilly Ray Cyrus couldn’t resist the charms of 90210 for long, and is back on the show reprising the role of Austin’s (Justin Deeley) dad, and as the star country western singer Judd Ridge. He is there helping Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) launch her singing career, and to guide her with singing country music which she is completely new to. This week on the show Adrianna asked Austin to be her manager, after he encouraged her to sing a country western song at Naomi’s lavish engagement party; which turned out to be a huge hit with the guests.

With Dixon, out pursuing his own singing career, without a care in the world, Austin who is now back, is helping Adrianna launch her own singing career. He might also have a thing for her, and that might possibly be explored in the coming episodes, and might be quite an interesting hook-up. But for now their relationship is strictly professional. The episode to be telecast on May 1st will see Billy Ray Cyrus as Judd Ridge once again; he will be guiding his son’s friend and will be helping her launch her singing career. Dixon better watch out, as Adrianna might end up being a bigger star than him at the end of the day, moreover she has the singing star Judd Ridge guiding her and rooting for her.

Meanwhile, Cyrus has a personal reason for returning to the show. He will be on the show promoting his new single “Hillbilly Heart”, and what better way for a singer to promote his song but to perform it for his fans; and that is exactly what Billy Ray Cyrus would be doing on the show. Looks like Adrianna really played it smart when she chose Austin to be her manager.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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Apr 26th, 2012, 9:08 am

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