'House of Cards' Releases Mysterious Season 2 Cinemagraphs


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As if we couldn't be more intrigued and excited for the upcoming second season of 'House of Cards,' Netflix goes ahead and reveals two very mysterious vignettes for the new episodes. 

In the black noir-ish, Fritz Lang-ish clips (called 'cinemagraphs' by series creator Beau Willimon), Kevin Spacey's Frank Underwood is shown stretching an elastic band back and forth, with that familiar sinister twinkle in his eye. How very curious! What is he up to?

Well, we know by the extended trailer that was released last month that this new season is one of "butchery" and "climbing to the top of the food chain" and probably every other scary food metaphor you can think of, so perhaps this glorified GIF symbolizes Underwood's underhanded tactics. 

Or maybe he just needs more office supplies. 

In the second "cinemagraph," Underwood's wife/partner-in-crime, Claire (Robin Wright), is shown elegantly smoking, deep in thought, at their "designated smoking window." I'm not a smoker, but I must say she makes smoking look very alluring. 

We don't know what any of these clips mean. There isn't any sound (so don't adjust your computer) and not a whole of action is going on either. Guess we'll have to wait until Valentine's Day to see what the Underwoods are up to when the second installment of the series premieres.

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Written by: briannehogan
Jan 3rd, 2014, 8:23 am

Image courtesy of Netflix

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