'Obese & Expecting’ new reality show on TLC

tlc logoPregnancy and weight issues go hand in hand, and possibly make for stories that people like to know more about, as nearly every woman who has been pregnant at some point has faced weight issues. In the case of the show, the four moms who are about to deliver, are morbidly obese, which makes the whole issue even more complicated and thus appealing to the viewers. The reality show will walk the viewers through the various issues faced by these 4 expectant mothers. They would range from the issues faced in their relationships, to the health issues they are facing due to their obesity. In all this will also be shown their strife to deliver healthy babies, which is the highlight of the show.

It has been announced that this show would basically challenge the perceptions that people have about obese mothers, and also possibly dispel the common belief that morbidly obese mothers are incapable of delivering healthy babies. TLC will launch a one-hour special of Obese & Expecting, as the series pilot, the coming month. Then, after gauging the audience response the channel would decide whether to continue with the series in the long run. TLC has used a similar modus operandi for all its shows, and consequently has made decisions based on the audience reaction to the stand-alone specials of each show. It wouldn’t be surprising if the audience response is positive, because if nothing else the viewer sympathy would surely be with these prospective mothers, who are against all odds are trying their best to deliver a healthy baby. Obese & Expecting would act as a precursor to another show on TLC, called Birth Moms, which focuses on three pregnant women from Utah, who are in a quandary and have to make the monumental decision, whether they want to give up their babies or not.

The hour long show would then lead to these women meeting the prospective parents, should they decide to give up their babies; with the show ending, with them deciding, who they have chosen ultimately to parent their child.

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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