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When the first season of Netflix's critically beloved drama 'House of Cards' was released on Blu-Ray and DVD in the summer of 2013, many fans were baffled as to the complete lack of bonus material for such a celebrated series.

That mystery may now be solved, as Netflix has recently added director's audio commentary tracks for all 13 Season 1 episodes. Considering that Netflix depends almost entirely on revenue from its subscribers, it makes perfect sense that it would choose to withhold these features from the much less fiscally important standalone disc release.

These aren't just any old directors either. 'House of Cards' has already played host to the directing talents of Oscar nominee David Fincher ('The Social Network,' 'Fight Club'), James Foley ('Glengarry Glen Ross,' 'Fear'), Joel Schumacher ('A Time to Kill,' 'Falling Down'), BAFTA winner Charles McDougall ('The Good Wife,' 'The Office'), Carl Franklin ('Homeland,' 'The Newsroom'), and Allen Coulter ('Boardwalk Empire,' 'Ray Donovan'). Fincher, Schumacher, McDougall, Franklin, and Coulter each helmed two episodes, while Foley did three.

The commentary tracks can be accessed very easily, all one has to do is select them via the audio menu that appears when a video first starts playing. I'm actually kind of surprised that it's taken this long for Netflix to add this type of value added material to its streaming service. Extras are the main thing that physical media offers that digital delivery (usually) doesn't. If Netflix really wants to cement their dominance over traditional platforms, they need to add more of this stuff, and soon.

The complete second season of 'House of Cards' makes its way to Netflix Instant on Friday, Feb. 14. This Valentine's Day, give your sweetheart the gift of political intrigue. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

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Written by: msd85
Jan 5th, 2014, 5:00 pm

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