'Game of Thrones' Takes Over British Town


'Game of Thrones' Takes Over British Town


We’ve received word from a messenger raven that Lannister forces have conquered a small British town outside of London…  

In celebration of the third season DVD release of the popular HBO fantasy series, the town of Kings Langley will become Kings Landing, the Westeros capital city full of political intrigue, sexual misdemeanors, and bloody battles for control of the Iron Throne. However, the transformation will be in name only and for just one week in February, as the small village of 5,000 people is much more subdued and less deadly to visit. 

As reported by Radio Times, “a producer for the hit HBO show heard the town listed as a stop while waiting for a train at London's Euston station and was inspired to instigate the name change.” The third season DVD comes out February 18, and is eagerly anticipated by hardcore fans of the show (who didn’t illegally download it), and old-fashioned geeks like myself who actually enjoy renting for the extra material.

Based upon George R.R. Martin’s acclaimed epic novel series, 'A Song of Ice and Fire,' Season 3 of the television drama covered approximately half the story material from 'A Storm of Swords,' which features the shocking deaths of multiple main characters – something viewers of the show have become both accustomed to and traumatized by. Having read much of the book series, I can warn without specific spoilers that fans can expect even more bloody ends for the spring airing of Season 4. My advice is not to fall in love with anyone from Westeros, as they’ll only break your heart. 

Now if I could encourage some of my fellow Canadians to follow suit and join the name-swap. Winnipeg sounds awfully close to Winterfell. In Twitter terms, #WinnipegisWinterfell.

- Peter Dinklage
- Game of Thrones

Written by: Chill19
Jan 6th, 2014, 3:17 pm

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Love the hashtag #WinnipegisWinterfell Being from Manitoba, it's true. Weather wise.

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