PHOTO: See Peter Capaldi on the Set of 'Doctor Who'


Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman in Doctor Who


There's a new doctor in the TARDIS and he's ready to start making house calls!

Back in August, it was announced that Peter Capaldi would be replacing Matt Smith as the star of 'Doctor Who.' And while five months feel like mere seconds in the life of a Time Lord, Whovians have been anxiously waiting to see how this new regeneration will affect the now half century-old British sci-fi series.

Fans briefly received their very first glimpse of the new doctor during the 50th anniversary special and again in the recently aired Christmas show, where he was introduced properly. But now that shooting has finally commenced for the new season of 'Doctor Who,' BBC has decided to mark the occasion by releasing a photo of Capaldi in action, alongside his co-star, Jenna Coleman.

“New job, first day, slightly nervous,” the actor is quoted as saying in the press release accompanying the photograph. “Just like the Doctor, I’m emerging from the TARDIS into a whole other world.”

Though Matt Smith fans are undoubtedly still in mourning, it's hard not to get excited about all the new endeavors that are to come. Sure, he's not as young or adorable as Smith, but that's not what this show is about — it's about the adventures of time travel and Capaldi looks more than up to the task.

The first episode of the new season is penned by showrunner Steven Moffat and directed by 'Kill List' filmmaker Ben Wheatley. Check out the photo above and welcome Capaldi into the fold.

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Jan 7th, 2014, 12:08 pm

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Matt Smith will be miss, but I'm glad that Jenna Coleman is still on screen

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