Chewbacca To Star In Christmas Episode Of Glee

ChewbaccaOh yes! If you are looking for an extra dose of Christmas cheer to smack you in the face, then the news that Chewbacca is to appear in a Christmas episode of Glee will make you leave your home immediately and hug the first Reindeer you come across.

Collidor is reporting that the walking talking hairball will make a guest appearnce on Glee. Each of the cast members have already tweeted their photos with Chewwie. But how will the most loved character in the Star Wars franchise adapt to the musical series? Will he sing?

It is yet to be acknowledge if the film franchises original star Peter Mayhew will wear the suit or if it will indeed be a imposter. The episode is also due to make fun of the perculiar Star Wars holiday special from the mid 80s. The episode will air Tuesday 13th December and be filled with Christmas tunes. It promises to be at least be watchable.

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Written by: heyzeus24
Dec 7th, 2011, 11:32 am

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