Tony Danza and Vince Vaughn Together Making a show on ABC

tony danzaTony Danza was a face that, anybody who has lived through the 80’s can’t forget. He even today, is best remembered for playing the character of Tony Micelli, on the hit TV sitcom from the 80’s called ‘Who’s the Boss’. Over the years the man has kept himself busy playing different roles and characters on various TV shows, but none have met with same kind of success as his character on ‘Who’s the Boss’. Now it has been revealed that Danza might at star in his own show on ABC, and it would be from the stables of his own production company that, he has started with Vince Vaughn.

This news would surely make all of Danza’s fans happy, especially the ones who have grown up watching and liking him over the years. The working title of the show it is being said would be “The Guys”. Seems like Danza, would effortlessly seam into the role, given the premise of the show. It’s basically about three old friends who have lead very different lives, but with advancing years, are now beginning a completely new chapter in their lives. What makes the whole thing even more interesting is the fact that, these friends move in together at this age of their, into a bachelor pad, and that too close to their grandchildren.

The premise clearly indicates that the viewers shall get to see three men slightly past their middle age, but still young at heart. What would possibly make it more fun would be, these men giving their very own grandchildren a lesson in having fun. Something that Danza surely knows a thing or two about. Here is truly hoping that Danza can make an impact with the viewers of today, just like he did with his viewers nearly three decades ago. The advantage he has this time round though, is the fact that he himself is one of the producers of the show.

Source: Vulture

- Tony Danza
- Vince Vaughn

Written by: jimmy478
Apr 27th, 2012, 7:58 am

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