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Original Programs, Acquisitions Make Up Hulu's 2014 Slate


Tyler Labine


The ever-growing world of streaming television is taking shape for another exciting year, and Hulu will not be left behind as it tries to compete with its rivals Netflix and Amazon. On Wednesday, the online portal announced their slate of 2014 shows, which includes new and returning original programming, as well as the welcome addition of an award-winning European series.

To start, the supernatural comedy ‘Deadbeat’ marks one of the more notable offerings. Starring Tyler Labine (above), Brandon T. Jackson, and Cat Deeley, the series about a medium, or ghost-whisperer, is a co-production with Lionsgate and is set to premiere on April 9.

Another original show is a parody, as ‘The Hotwives of Orlando’ looks to mock all those ‘Real Housewives’ series. It stars Casey Wilson, Angela Kinsey, and the very funny Kristen Schaal, among others, as dramatic and desperate duplicitous women with way too much time on their hands. Seven episodes will air, but no premiere date has been set.

'East Los High,’ the English-language series starring an all-Latino cast, will return this year for a second season, as it was among the most popular shows Hulu offered in 2013. So too will return plenty of comedies, including ‘Moone Boy’ by Chris O’Dowd, and ‘Rev’ starring Tom Hollander as a London-based vicar. The animated superhero series ‘The Awesomes’ will also come back, as will the western ‘Quickdraw.’

Equally if not more fascinating, is the acquisition of the Scandinavian and original version of ‘The Bridge.’ While FX has adapted this series for North American audiences, setting the show on the American-Mexican border, ‘The Bridge’ in its first form detailed a murder mystery between the boundaries of Sweden and Denmark. The 10-episode series will premiere on Jan. 14.

Hulu will air in May ‘The Next Step,’ a Canadian reality-style dance drama that has been acquired from the BBC. Returning shows also include 'Fresh Meat,' 'Pramface,' 'Elite New Face,' 'Line of Duty,' 'Moody Family' and 'The Only Way is Essex.'

All of this is to say that Hulu is looking to keep pace in the still relatively new realm of streaming new and old television programs. They are ramping up original content to compete with their rivals, especially as ABC and FOX have tightened their allowances on what shows Hulu gets the day after. So, simply, there are a lot of places to watch a lot of television this year, and it’s sure to keep one busy.

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Written by: AnthonyWrites
Jan 8th, 2014, 8:40 pm

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Message Posted On Jan 9th, 2014, 9:08 am
So Rev and Moone Boy have more seasons than what have aired already? I kind of think Bron/Broen, The Bridge, only has the two seasons. Last one allowed an opening but tied up quite a bit. Also worth watching (if carried) is Äkta.Människor, Real Humans, robot (Hubots) show with more of a human aspect and less action than Almost Human. Who hasn't been watching Fresh Meat?
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