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Following the runaway critical and commercial success of his sure to be Oscar-nominated film '12 Years a Slave,' British director Steve McQueen (no relation to the legendary Hollywood actor) pretty much has carte blanche to do whatever the heck he wants next. To that end, McQueen will be partnering with the BBC to create and develop a high profile drama series.

The as yet untitled project will be set in West London, and follow a group of black friends and several generations of their respective families. The story will span from the late 1960s all the way to present day Britain.

The goal is to create a fully realized, in-depth dramatic look at the experiences of black Londoners, a topic that McQueen doesn't feel has been adequately explored. "I don’t think there has been a serious drama series in Britain with black people from all walks of life as the main protagonists," McQueen told The Daily Mail.

The series is being brought to the screen by production company Rainmark Films ('Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight,' 'The Special Relationship'), and will air on either BBC One or Two.

Don't look for it anytime soon though, as development likely won't be finished until at least 2015. No word yet on if McQueen's constant muse Michael Fassbender (who has appeared in all of the director's films so far) will be involved, although I'm sure McQueen could probably think of a way to incorporate him.

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Jan 10th, 2014, 12:32 pm

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Message Posted On Jan 12th, 2014, 7:30 am
more crap-why is it-always series for black people/gay/etc and some black shows/films-don't even have 1 white person but if theres a full white series-its racist-so its not on--I don't pay my fee so bbc make rubbish like this and cancel other grt shows I mean-it need decent story as well as who's behind the camera/ but I for one wont be watching-fed up of all this pc/rubbish
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