‘The Following’ Season 2: Hope, Family and More Masks


‘The Following’ Season 2: Hope, Family and More Masks


Today, at the Television Critics Association semi-annual panel, further details emerged for the second season of ‘The Following,’ starring Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy.

First, if you can’t remember, the serial killer cult thriller officially returns Monday, Jan. 27 at 9/8c on FOX. (A special preview will also air Sunday, Jan. 19, immediately following the NFC championship.) With that said, the season opens and immediately answers Claire’s (Natalie Zea) fate (which just sounds ominous), and then advances one year later.

After a year, Bacon’s Ryan Hardy is a different man, especially since Joe Carroll’s (Purefoy) “death.” However, things aren’t all hunky-dory, after all this is a show about murder and cults.

"I [appear to] have lost my obsession for Joe," Bacon told reporters at the TCA’s. "[However,] the truth is that he is incredibly important to me, sadly the most important thing in my life."

FOX Reveals More Details on ‘The Following’ Season 2Despite losing his “obsession” with the infamous cult leader, Ryan is still convinced Joe is alive. What seals the deal? When a new group of Followers arrive on a New York City subway wearing Joe Carroll masks (left, let the nightmares commence).

"There's a lot of push and pull this year with his [Ryan] inner struggle," executive producer Kevin Williamson says, "his struggle to find some hope in life to find some reason to live." He adds, "We watch as Ryan creates a family for himself. He might see a little hope and a reason to live. Of course, the Followers come calling."

If fans know anything, it’s hard to keep hope when hunting psychopaths and their leader all over the country.

Like Ryan, Joe is also looking for hope and finding his place in the crazy, messed up world, "It's a second coming. They're all trying to find their place on this planet,” Williamson adds.

As it was announced last year, ‘The Following’ is bringing on a long list of guest stars, including ‘90210’s Jessica Stroup as Ryan’s niece, Max, a New York City detective. Of course, we’ll also see former rookie Mike Weston (Shawn Ashmore) acting more like a friend compared to last season's protege. Also, do we sense a budding romance between Max and Mike? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Last, but not least, Williamson notes that Ryan will no longer work with the FBI, "We've taken Ryan Hardy to a brand-new world. We're not searching for Joey Matthews every single week. It still has the fast-paced dynamic, but it's not an FBI quest show."

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Jan 13th, 2014, 7:33 pm

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"A special preview will also air Sunday, Jan. 19"


Also, while it's a special time, it's not a Special per se. That seems to be causing some confusion with contributors. It just seems to be the first full-fledged episode of the new season. Why they call it a "preview" (unless it's just to preview it to Super Bowl watchers), who knows?


Good thing to hear it's not a FBI quest show, given how incompetent the FBI came off last year. Although since Shawn Ashmore is still on the show and there are "agents" still credited as guest stars, I'm assuming Ryan and the League of Not-So Extraordinary Killers still will be showing up the FBI on a regular basis.


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Libra401373, thank you, and the article now reflects the correct air dates.


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the first episode airs on 1/19/14 and the second episode aires on 1/27/14 the 2hr season finale of sleepy hollow is on 1/20/14

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