Zachary Quinto, Chris Moore Producing Pittsburgh-Based Reality Series


Zachary Quinto, Chris Moore Producing Pittsburgh-Based Reality Series


Known for his roles in ‘Heroes,’ ‘American Horror Story,’ and, of course, the ‘Star Trek’ movies, Zachary Quinto is now taking a stab at producing a new reality series, the Associated Press reports.

Titled ‘The Chair,’ Quinto, along with his partner Corey Moosa and Hollywood producer Chris Moore (‘Good Will Hunting,’ ‘American Pie’), the Pittsburgh-based reality series will look at the idea of what if a movie was produced by someone else, something that Moore is familiar with.

Zachary Quinto, Chris Moore Producing Pittsburgh-Based Reality SeriesOriginally, Mel Gibson was set to produce the Oscar-winning ‘Good Will Hunting,’ starring Robin Williams, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, but Moore eventually snagged the job.

Moore, Quinto and Moosa will take that “What if?” question and turn it into a reality show. Two “little-known” directors will each receive around $850,000 to produce a movie from the same script, which will detail the story of a group of Pittsburgh high school graduates who go off to college and then return home for their first Thanksgiving break. The 10-week series will chronicle the films’ production process throughout Pittsburgh.

So, why Pittsburgh, the city known for steel, the Pirates, the Pens and the Steelers? Apparently, Moore and Quinto and Moosa’s production company, Before the Door, have made quite the connections with Pittsburgh’s local film industry, including Steeltown Entertainment and Point Park University. Point Park will even give some of its production students internships with “The Chair” or one of the films being produced.

The projects will be directed by Los Angeles-based Shane Dawson and Anna Martemucci, a writer and actress from State College, Pa. Martemucci already has a connection with Quinto, as she recently wrote an independent film, ‘Breakup at a Wedding,’ which the actor produced.

While the TV series airs, the plan is to release both films theatrically. Ideally, the finale would include audiences voting for their favorite.

"I have two larger goals in the project.. One, I think it's a fun thing and I'd like to do it every year, and I'd like to launch of couple of director's careers," Moore revealed Monday. “I think it would be really cool, and it's fascinating to me, this idea of what happens when two different directors set out to make the same movie."

Production begins this month, and Moore hopes to see ‘The Chair’ air this fall (as a weekly one-hour episode) on a to-be-determined pay cable TV movie channel.

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Jan 14th, 2014, 12:42 pm

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I'm not usually one for reality TV but this does pique my interest.

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