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Real Housewives of New Jersey: No Shortage on Drama This Season

Last week’s premiere of the Real Housewives of New Jersey kicked off what promises to be an explosive season four in which viewers can expect plenty of drama, Jersey style.

In a bit of a different take, the reality show began with clips from the season three reunion, in which accusations flew (mostly in Teresa’s direction) and friendships were, seemingly, lost. Jacqueline, mysteriously absent from the reunion show, couldn’t bear to attend having been too hurt by some of Teresa’s actions since the taping of season three had wrapped.

 After a few minutes of mind jogging reunion clips, the show then “flashed back” to several weeks prior to the taping of the reunion, in which, bada bing bada boom, season 4 began with the hopes of explaining the high tension and conflict we witnessed in the reunion episode.

Much of the first episode focused on the hurtful content Teresa had written in her latest cookbook.  Few were left unscathed by her comments with accusations that Melissa copies Teresa’s every move and that Caroline was “as Italian as the Olive Garden,” the housewives were justifiably a bit miffed.  A less than heartfelt apology from Teresa left Caroline unimpressed and still not ready to forgive and forget.Teresa Giudice and brother, Joe Gorga continue the family feud at the Jersey Shore

So what do you do when tension is high and no one can stand to be around one another? Apparently in New Jersey you go on vacation together. The Giudices, Gorgas, and Wakiles headed off to the shore where the Gorgas and Wakiles ended up staying all together in one house due to the renovation of the Gorga’s shore house. This left the couples plenty of time to rehash all their issues with the Giudices and to rile themselves up even further. 

Over at the Jersey house of Giudice, Teresa tried to discuss with Joe the tabloid stories that had been in the magazines as of late, concerned that their daughter Gia had been questioning the accusations of cheating and possible jail time. It was to no avail, however, with Joe simply telling Teresa, “It’s the life you chose.”

Off the shore, the Manzos and Lauritas remained at home with plenty of their own drama to go around. With Caroline discovering that she may be going through “the change,” the usually spunky matriarch was left a bit melancholy and even slightly sad.  Jacqueline, it turns out, it still dealing with her daughter Ashlee, who apparently still hasn’t learned anything from the long discussions we were subjected to in the third season.  At their wits ends, Chris and Jacqueline tell Ashlee she is leaving the very next day to go stay with relatives in Las Vegas and, hopefully, get her act together.

With so much hurt and uneasy tension amongst the housewives and their families, it’s easy to see that this season will not be one without its share of tears and drama. I think I may actually wish for some of Joe Gorga’s crazy and sometimes creepy antics just to take the edge off, a statement I never thought I’d make.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs tonight on Bravo at 10/9c.

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