Clay Aiken vs. Miss Universe? Tonight on The Celebrity Apprentice

Last week’s episode of “The Celebrity Apprentice” brought the departure of super creative Penn Jillette, who, having been responsible for the majority of the ideas for the perfume display task they were assigned, then took the fall when the team failed to win. This week, the contestants switch senses, moving on from their sense of smell and shifting to their ears, where they will be responsible for creating a jingle for Good Sam’s Roadside Assistance program.Clay Aiken takes on Dayana Mendoza on this week's Celebrity Apprentice

Each week the recurring theme has been for Lisa Lampanelli to berate and complain about former Miss Universe, Dayana Mendoza.  Other contestants have chimed in at times, but it remains to be seen whether or not the criticisms are warranted. While Dayana, admittedly, often isn’t as involved in tasks as one might expect, there is no denying that she is pushed aside at times. So the question remains, is Dayana the “empty from the neck up” woman Lisa claims or has she just not had her chance to shine?

In Tonight’s episode, “Jingle All the Way Home,” Dayana is project manager of her group, and by the looks of the previews, it does not go all that well. Tensions run high with Dayana and Clay Aiken who literally tells her to “stop talking.”  This is sure to delight resident bully Lisa, who has been screaming from the roof tops since episode one of Dayana’s incompetence. 

On the other team, last week’s winning project manager, Aubrey O’Day is filled with over confidence, as usual, as she declares that she “can write anything with literally no effort.” Fellow team mate, Arsenio Hall may have something to say about that, however, as he has been less than impressed with Aubrey’s pushy, take charge attitude that she wears so well.

Week after week audiences have watched contestants fired for genuine mistakes made during tasks or just because they didn’t have the drive. I must say, I was sad to see most of these people go since, overall, the contestants that have been fired have been kind individuals who were reasonably drama free (sorry Lou, we’re not talking about you). Unfortunately, what we’ve been left with are the jealousy driven comments of Lisa Lampanelli and the snide superior attitude of Aubrey O’Day, both whose actions thus far I just can’t get on board with.

Whether or not Lisa finally gets her wish and we see Dayana fired tonight remains to be seen, however, I can’t help but hope that she sticks around a little longer. With such superior attitudes and bully mentalities, it would be far too satisfying to see either Lisa or Aubrey take the ride of shame down the Trump Tower elevator.

The Celebrity Apprentice Airs Tonight at 9/8c on NBC.


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