Jesse L. Martin to Join ‘The Flash’ Pilot


Jesse L. Martin to Join ‘The Flash’ Pilot


The CW has found someone to keep up with the Flash. 

Veteran television and Broadway actor Jesse L. Martin has been cast as Detective West of Central City. Martin is no stranger to the fictional justice-system, having played Detective Ed Green on NBC’s ‘Law & Order’ for nine years. West will act as a mentor to Barry Allen (played by Grant Gustin) who, with newfound speedy-superpowers, will continue on his quest to exonerate his father of his mother’s murder.

Still to be cast is the role of Iris West, Barry’s longtime friend, confident, and potential love-interest. At least Barry will have a character letting him know that aside from beating-down super-villains, it’s important to pay the ‘Rent’ on time.

Barry’s appearance in the two-part midseason finale of ‘Arrow’ led to the show’s highest ratings thus far. Although ‘The Flash’ was intended as a straight spin-off for next season, the fan support seems to have convinced The CW to push for an event pilot.

The inclusion of the "West" name is an interesting choice, as fans of DC comics will know that Wally West is the name of the modern era Flash who is the nephew of Iris and Barry; considering the epic lifespan of some CW series, I wouldn’t put it past them to envision a 2024 released date of ‘Flash: The Next Generation.’  

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Written by: Chill19
Jan 21st, 2014, 4:00 pm

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