This Week's Top 5 New Stories: 'Parks & Rec' Futures, HBO Comedies, and Nostalgia


This Week's Top 5 New Stories: 'Parks,' Cosby, and Nostalgia


It’s Saturday, and with shows coming and going, actors dropping in and bowing out, and networks ever scrambling for the next big hit, it’s easy for news to slip by. With that in mind, here is our weekly roundup of the top news stories of the last seven days, in case you missed it.

Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe Set for New Sitcoms: The very funny pair of ‘Parks and Rec’ stars are both departing this month, but even in the darkness there is light. This week it was reported both Jones and Lowe will be back on the small screen soon enough. Jones will star in Steve Carell’s new comedy ‘Tribeca’ on TBS, while Lowe will stay with NBC and star in a single-camera comedy created by alums of ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ and ‘The Larry Sanders Show.’ Titled ‘The Pro’ and set at a country club, the sitcom finds Lowe a retired tennis star looking to regain fame and fortune.

HBO Misses with Comedies: The network known for great drama still struggles with developing comedies. ‘Girls’ would be the flagship genre show, though both divisive and infused with a healthy bit of drama, while ‘Veep’ too is especially noteworthy and successful. Still, a week after a soft start for the latest comedy ‘Looking,’ HBO canned freshman shows ‘Hello Ladies’ and ‘Family Tree,’ while it’s leaning towards renewing ‘Getting On.’ Here is hoping their attempts coming next season, with Jack Black, Dwayne Johnson, and the Duplass Brothers, will fare better.

‘Girl Meets World’ Gets Full Series Order: Considering nary an episode has yet to air, and that this show is a spin-off of one that ended nearly 15 years ago, it’s a bit impressive that Disney Channel ordered a full order of 21 episodes. Currently filming and expected to air later this year, ‘Girl Meets World’ follows the trials and curiosities of the precocious (and likely quirky) daughter of Cory (once a Boy who met World) and Topanga, now very totally together and married.

Bill Cosby, Pam Dawber Return to TV: In similarly retro news, a pair of comedians of note from the '70s and '80s will be making some anticipated returns. Bill Cosby is set to star, co-write, and co-produce an NBC series about marriage and parenting, with Cosby the male elder in a multi-generational family. Meanwhile, Pam Dawber will be making an appearance on ‘The Crazy Ones,’ marking a reunion of her Mindy to Robin Williams’ Mork. It will be the first time in over 30 years the two have appeared on screen together.

‘Full House’ Men Appear Reunite, Commercial-Style: This news arrives every year at this time, as old TV stars return for Super Bowl commercials that is received with some combination of nostalgia and depression. This week, we were treated with a teaser of a ‘Full House’ reunion of sorts, with Jesse, Joey, and Danny still apparently living together. The full-length ad with John Stamos, Dave Coulier, and Bob Sagat will air during the big game. I think though this one might be sadder than it is funny, but it’s definitely something – and there is more to come!

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Jan 25th, 2014, 12:35 pm

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Message Posted On Jan 25th, 2014, 1:14 pm
Those were the top five entertainment stories? Freaking sad. Nothing there was interesting enough as a selling point. About as relevant as the weekly Vampire Diaries, or Girls, paid promo. Come on dude, you can do better than this. I read your stuff and it is quality work. You couldn't work in a Banshee article?
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