E! Adding Jonas Brother Reality Show and "Wizard of Oz" series

kevin and danielle jonasThe reality show fad continues to climb as E! announced that as of August, Kevin Jonas, the oldest of the Jonas Brothers, along with his wife are getting their timeslot for a reality show called "Married to Jonas". Ryan Seacrest has joined on the show as Executive Producer and like the other reality TV shows that follow around the stars such as Coco & Ice T and other celebrities in the past, it is sure to bring the audience into the world of recoding artists' lives. The network has high hopes for the reality TV show to bring in a wider range of audiences and be able to show us what it is like to live with a Jonas Brother, let along be married to him. The hour-long series is scheduled for an August 19th launch.

This is not all that is coming to E! though. They have planned that they are going to be airing a Wizard of Oz type of drama series that will showcase the life of Dorothy Gale, a woman from Kansas who falls in love with a man from Emerald City. Inspired by the book "Dorothy" and "The Wizard of Oz", the series is scheduled to air later this year. With all the shows coming, E! has a jump start as to what people want in their homes. However, there are many who fell that the reality is becoming more popular to watch as the ratings climb on such shows in that nature. E! has released the information that they are having the reality shows that are surely to impress and already there have been an outpour of appreciation to their technique.

What do you think of a Jonas Brothers reality TV show? With another reality show taking up the slot, it doesn’t make room for scripted shows to be able to give the people a taste of the fantasy world that many choose to live in.

Source: Reuters

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Apr 30th, 2012, 2:40 pm


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