NBC Moving the 2014 Emmys to Monday


NBC Moving the Emmys to Monday


In a move somewhat expected within the industry, NBC today announced that it will be broadcasting the 66th annual Emmy Awards ceremony in August, almost a month before it traditionally airs.

NBC made a similar decision back in 2010, the last time it served as Emmy host. The Jimmy Fallon hosted ceremony aired on Aug. 29, primarily because of NBC's ever present fall juggernaut known as NFL 'Sunday Night Football.' The NFL is one of the last highly rated properties the Peacock has, and they'll be damned if they're going to sacrifice airing a game in order to make room for an awards show that will draw roughly half of 'Sunday Night Football's audience. This will be only the fourth time the Emmys have aired outside of September since way back in 1992.

As uncommon as the Emmys airing in August is, that's not even the most notable part of this story. NBC has also taken the almost unprecendented step of moving TV's big night to a Monday. That's right, a major awards show will air live on the first work night of the average American's week. If that sounds like an odd prospect, it should. The Emmys haven't been held on a Monday in nearly 40 years, not since May 17, 1976, to be exact. Don't want to watch a three hour show on a Monday night? Blame the NFL. NBC thinks it may be able to score a game or two of 'Sunday Night Football' earlier than usual this year, and wants to leave all August and September Sundays open.

Every major awards program (and most of the minor ones) have been broadcast on the weekend for decades now, and one really has to wonder what effect this will have on the ratings for this year's ceremony. 2013's broadcast drew almost 20 million viewers, and I just have a hard time imagining that many people tuning in on a Monday.

The 66th annual Emmy Awards air on Monday, Aug. 25 at 8/7c. A host has yet to be announced.

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Written by: msd85
Jan 28th, 2014, 6:21 pm

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rtruell, people have parties for the Emmys. So they usually get together as an all day thing... all be it, not as big as the Oscar's telecast or the Super Bowl, but still lots of parties. It's not easy to do a party on a Monday. Also the veiwership is lower on a Monday in Summer then a Sunday in the Fall... At least doing in in the Summer, they have less competition as the new Fall TV season will have not gotten underway yet. Hope that helps.



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That's a fair question rtruell. The primary differences are that A. the scripted competition on Monday nights is much more high profile overall, and B. the total broadcast TV viewing audience tends to be smaller on Monday nights than on Sundays. So logically, this year's Emmy ceremony will be faced with tougher competition, while competing for a percentage of a smaller overall audience share. Couple that with viewers becoming set in their ways after forty years of the show airing on Sunday, and you have a probable recipe for ratings disaster.


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"NBC has also taken the almost unprecendented step of moving TV's big night to a Monday"


Other than the fact that they normally air on Sunday night, what's the big deal about them airing on a Monday night?  What difference does it make?


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Give everyone a participation award and tell them how good they look. Not too different from what happens now. Do awards even mean anything anymore?
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