FOX Renews 'Bones' for Season 10


FOX Renews 'Bones' for Season 10


It may be time to retire the "Friday Night Death Slot" moniker. 'Grimm' has been doing well on Fridays for over a year now, 'Blue Bloods' regularly draws audiences that its competitors would kill for on any night of the week, and 'Last Man Standing' looks primed to earn another season as well.

Standing above the Friday fray is veteran procedural 'Bones,' which has been regularly outdrawing three quarters of the shows on its network, despite relocating to Fridays at 8 p.m. earlier this season. 'Bones' has done so well in fact that FOX just picked up it for a tenth season. And that's not all. As part of the renewal, FOX also confirmed that the show will be returning to its old Monday night home.

Premiering way back in 2005, 'Bones' has been a consistently good ratings performer since the very beginning, and has even managed to survive the end of the dreaded will they or won't they phase between Booth and Bones (spoiler: they will, a lot). Cast members have come and gone, and some seasons have received higher critical marks than others, but the 'Bones' audience has stayed loyal through thick and thin.

The Hart Hanson created drama will pass the coveted 200 episode mark next year, assuming that the tenth season's episode order ends up being for the usual 22-24 installments. This continues a nearly two-decade long hot streak for male lead David Boreanaz, who first gained fame on 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' in 1997, before transitioning directly to his own successful spin-off series 'Angel.' That show ended in 2004, leaving Boreanaz less than a year before he landed the role of Booth. The man must be absolutely swimming in money at this point.

'Bones' will continue airing on Fridays until Monday, March 10, when it takes over the soon to be vacated timeslot of freshman sci-fi drama 'Almost Human.' While that doesn't necessarily guarantee that 'Human' won't be returning for a second season, the fact that FOX never ordered its "back nine" is definitely not a great sign for that show's fans.

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Jan 29th, 2014, 5:58 pm

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Well, I was focusing on currently airing Friday night shows, thus why I didn't mention Fringe. But I get your point. Although, if you wanted to play devil's advocate, it could be argued that the show only got so many reprieves due to series star Anna Torv being related to FOX chairman Rupert Murdoch. That isn't a knock on Fringe, which was definitely a quality show. I've just always found it a bit odd how it kept getting renewed, while better rated shows like Terra Nova and Alcatraz got axed after one season. Just a little food for thought.


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"It may be time to retire the "Friday Night Death Slot" moniker"


*May*??  It's *past* time to retire it and I've been saying so for years...the advent of VCR's and their replacements obsoleted that moniker; it's just taken far too long for the Nielsen people to figure out how to include time-shifting in their rating system.


As to Friday night success stories, you forgot to mention Fringe.  It "managed" to survive 2 and a half years after being moved to Friday night...and even then, the show wasn't cancelled, they brought it to a conclusion.

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