Tara Reid, Ian Ziering Set to Return in 'Sharknado' Sequel


Tara Reid, Ian Ziering Set to Return in 'Sharknado' Sequel


With Syfy’s original movie blowing up the Internet last year, they are hoping for repeated success next year as they return with a ‘Sharknado’ sequel, bringing back both their principal leads.

Ian Ziering, best known for his role on ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ will return to his role, as will Tara Reid. While the joke when they both signed up to act in this ludicrous-sounding original was that they were probably (clearly) both available, the bonanza that was the first movie more than justifies reprisal.

Ziering and Reid will assume their roles as Fin and April; the former was a bar-owning surfer and the latter his estranged wife. The couple found themselves in what can generously be described a freak storm in Los Angeles, one that swept up killer sharks from the ocean and bombarded them on poor, unfortunate souls, wreaking havoc until Fin and April could save the day.

The sequel, 'Sharknado: The Second One,' will find a similar occurrence in New York City, and the two, of course, are the only ones who can deter the chaos. Also, (spoiler, though, not really), they got back together at the end of the first movie.

The two actors are the first cast in the sequel, while both director Anthony Ferrante and writer Thunder Levin will return as well.

The B-movie spectacular that was ‘Sharknado’ destroyed social media, embraced its campiness, and while initial ratings were modest, encore presentations were strong. Given the obvious production value of the film, it’s hard to argue with a sequel.

In case, somehow, you are unfamilar, you can check out the trailer for the original movie below.


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Jan 30th, 2014, 4:09 pm

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Message Posted On Feb 2nd, 2014, 1:47 am
Tara Reid was great viewing - not having a clue where she was or what she was doing.
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