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Robin Givens to Guest Star on ABC's "Suburgatory"

Tonight it seems that George and Dallas may find themselves in a sticky situation under some misteltoe on ABC’s “Suburgatory.” The couple have been flirting back and forth since the first episode of the show, but can you truly blame the lonely housewife?

George, newly single himself, enjoys the company of his platonic friend, but will it turn into something more? It could just be the Christmas spirit in the air. Despite the big heart Dallas has, it seems that someone from her past is ready to come back and haunt her perfect life.

Dallas is always a shining star on ABC’s “Suburgatory,” but now it seems a friend from her college days, played by  Robin Givens, is ready to disrupt the fairy tale life.
ABC confirmed that Givens will play Dallas’ nemesis, Tulsa.

Tulsa returns from their sorority days, where she spent every moment she could hurting Dallas at presented opportunity. In fact, Givens described the character as “a wolf in zebra print clothing.”

It’s no secret that Dallas is a vital part of the Chatswin community, so anything goes! Will Tulsa sabotage a school event? Publicly humiliate her in front of the other suburban moms at cocktail hour? Try to steal her husband? Though it’d be heartbreaking for Dallas, it’s obvious she’s after George anyway.

Fans of “Suburgatory” must wait until March to watch Givens’ return to television. She’ll join the growing list of guest stars, most notably Gloria Votsis and Saturday Night Live’s Chris Parnell. If “Suburgatory” is renewed for a second season, expect even bigger names next year.

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Written by: mawarner
Dec 7th, 2011, 2:33 pm

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