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'Psych's Timothy Omundson Tapped to Star in ABC Fairytale Comedy

'Psych's Timothy Omundson Tapped To Star In ABC Fairy Tale Comedy
'Psych's very own Detective Lassiter will be playing a different kind of badass in ABC's comedy pilot 'Galavant'. Omundson will take on the role of the evil King Richard, who steals the true love of Prince Galavant (Joshua Sasse), your classic Prince Charming-type.
But in a twist on your standard fairytale story, Galavant discovers, in the midst of his revenge mission, that his former sweetheart Madalena (Mallory Jansen) has since decided that she prefers Richard's wealth and power to Galavant's penniless affection.
The comedy is written by Dan Fogelman ('The Neighbors') with music by Oscar-winning composer Alan Menken.
With 'Psych' in its final season, it's good to know that we haven't seen the last of our favorite ornery detective. Deadline reports that Omundson was Fogelman's top choice for King Richard, and has become the last role to be cast, as production is set to begin shortly in London.
Aside from his performance as the oft-aggravated, by-the-book Lassie on 'Psych,' anyone who's witnessed Omundson's portrayal of evil leprechaun Seamus McTiernan in Disney's 'The Luck of the Irish' knows he can handle the role of a villain, especially when it involves an accent.
ABC has had a lot of luck with fairytale stories (just look at the popularity of 'Once Upon A Time'), and is likely hoping to capitalize on that success with 'Galavant.' Here's hoping this fairytale finds a happier ending than the less-than-stellar ratings that have befallen 'Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.'

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Written by: Colleenhaha
Feb 1st, 2014, 6:15 pm

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Message Posted On Feb 1st, 2014, 8:15 pm
Gadfly, not the first Demon Knight. He created the Demon Knights. Cain is the first Murderer. Like the twist in this story could be worth the effort. Neighbors is excellent, despite the network trying to kill it. Self referencing and working obscene jokes weekly. Hopefully this will be of the same caliber.

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Message Posted On Feb 1st, 2014, 6:58 pm

"ABC has had a lot of luck with fairytale stories (just look at the popularity of 'Once Upon A Time'),"


Look at the failure of Once Upon a Time: Wonderland. ;)


Omundson also had a good (and presumably recurring) guest star apperance on Supernatural as the first Demon Knight, Cain.

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