CBS Nabs Thursday Night Football, Forcing Lineup Changes


CBS Nabs Thursday Night Football, Forcing Lineup Changes

With CBS winning the rights for Thursday Night Football, they have all but secured dominance on that night for two months come this fall.

In addition to the network airing their regular games on Sunday afternoon, CBS won a much sought-after opportunity to air an eight-game package of Thursday night football. The collection are early season games, meaning they will air in September and October, while the NFL Network will simulcast these matches and air the latter half-season of the Thursday games exclusively.

It’s a huge score for CBS, especially since, as we’ve mentioned, ratings for the NFL have been up for all networks throughout the season. Sunday Night’s Super Bowl was the most watched event ever in the history of United States television – and the game was a blowout.

With CBS airing football on Thursday, which starts at 8:30 p.m EST and will likely involve a pre-game show one half-hour prior, the network will be forced to shift around its primetime lineup.

The most notable show is ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ a sitcom now in its seventh season that regularly dominates the evening. Just last Thursday, the show earned 18.9 million viewers, beating out FOX’s ‘American Idol’ by some seven million viewers, as well as NBC’s ‘Community,’ which only nabbed 3 million.

Thursdays on CBS also feature comedies ‘The Millers,’ ‘The Crazy Ones,’ ‘Two and a Half Men,’ and the drama ‘Elementary.’  They will all have to find new homes, at least temporarily, come September, but it’s safe to say that wherever ‘The Big Bang Theory’ ends up, its loyal fans will follow.

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Feb 5th, 2014, 11:32 am

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They could move ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and ‘Two and a Half Men’ Back to Mondays to replace 'How I Met Your Mother' and either 'Mike and Molly' or 'Mom' and replace 'Intellegence' with ‘Elementary'. Then when football ends bring back 'Intellegence,' if it's not cancelled, ‘The Millers,’ ‘The Crazy Ones,’ and 'Mike and Molly' or 'Mom' (if either survive) whichever leave Mondays to Thursdays.


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From what I read CBS will only get 8 games on Thursday night.  So I wouldn't think this would need much of a change, just maybe some creative scheduling for 8 Thursday's next fall. 

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