It's a British Invasion! The Final Five Perform on American Idol Tonight.

Last week’s American Idol saw the departure of Elise Testone who, after several weeks in the bottom three, finally went home.  A judges’ favorite for most of the season, Elise’s sentiments were surprisingly cold when she was asked about her thoughts on the their criticisms. “I don’t always feel like [their feedback] was helpful,” she told US Weekly after also mentioning that she didn’t think their criticisms made sense.  Surely that attitude couldn’t have anything to do with why America wasn’t Elise’s biggest fan.The final five American Idol contestants perform tonight on Fox.

This week, it is a British invasion as the final five take on the songs of the Brits. For their second song of the night, the Idol hopefuls will choose a song from the 60’s, which sounds oddly familiar to what we’ve heard before making me wonder if executive producer Nigel Lithgoe is either completely uncreative or a raging oldies fan. Either way, you can expect the remaining contestants to give it their all, as it gets harder and harder each week to predict who will go home.

Although the theme tonight is British songs, the idols themselves will not be receiving any advice from one of her Majesty’s finest. Instead the mentor will be Steven Van Zandt, famed guitarist of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street band who, along with resident mentor Jimmy Iovine, will help guide them to the perfect song choice…or so they hope.

With such a wide open theme, it could prove to be an interesting night with possible selections ranging from modern choices such as Amy Winehouse or Dido to more classic tunes from greats like Elton John and the Beatles.  There are no limits when comes to either the decade or genre these British songs are chosen from, really allowing the contestants to potentially chose songs that fit their style and comfort zone.  

It remains to be seen who will out shine the rest tonight; however, certain contestants need to be on the top of their game in order to to stand a chance in making it through to next week. Hollie Cavanagh, having found herself in the bottom three on more than one occasion for the past several weeks, needs to knock it out of the park tonight. Skylar, although in the bottom three last week, should be able to secure a spot in next week’s show, as her performances have been solid and she seems to have a decent fan base who may have just gotten a bit too comfortable last week and forgotten to vote. Phillip Phillips seems a strong contender to make it through to next week, having yet to receive the bottom three votes. Joshua and Jessica have both seen the bottom, making a good performance a necessity for them tonight as well.

With the fickle voting of the American Idol viewers, at this point in the competition it is essential that, in order to stand a chance at getting to the finale, the contestants need to be at the top of their game. To jump on board with what appears to be this season’s buzz word (and notably stolen from Simon several seasons ago) we need to see a “moment” from each one of these idol hopefuls.

The final five contestants perform tonight at 8/7c on Fox.


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May 2nd, 2012, 9:04 am

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