TLC Enrolls In Tattoo School, Ignores Industry Backlash

Tattoo School Boycott

In their seemingly ongoing quest to build the weirdest variety of reality shows on TV, is reporting that TLC has elected to make a new competition series out of its controversial special Tattoo School. First aired last summer, Tattoo School put previously untrained people through a two week program in Lousiana with the goal of having them leave as full fledged skin ink masters. Along the way, the "students" were subjected to challenges designed to mimic difficult situations they might face on the job.

The aforementioned controversy stemmed from the reaction of industry professionals to the premise of the special. The pros contend that two weeks isn't even close to enough training for someone to be entrusted with putting permanent art on a customer's body. They feel that TLC is behaving irresponsibly with something that could literally scar a person for life. Regardless of the uproar, TLC seems to be going full speed ahead with their plans. Although we'll see if that changes when the inevitable first lawsuit happens from an unlucky volunteer who's left with a terrible design permanently plastered on their torso.

The regular series will stick closely to the layout of the special, with the major difference being that it's now a direct competition between the students, with the winner receiving quite the grand prize. What is it you ask? A golden tattoo gun. Yes, you read that right. A golden tatto gun. And not only that, the gun is said to be built to last for the winner's whole subsequent career. No word yet on if the producer is secretly a James Bond villain. The premiere episode is set to air on Thursday, May 24th at 10pm.

Will you sign up for classes at TLC's tattoo school? Or do you agree with the experts that the show is recklessly irresponsible?


Written by: msd85
May 2nd, 2012, 7:07 pm


Message Posted On May 7th, 2012, 2:45 pm
Sounds fun to me! I'm in! When should I set my tivo???
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