Jodie Foster Behind the Camera Again for 'Orange' Season 2


Jodie Foster Behind the Camera Again for 'Orange' Season 2


‘Orange Is the New Black’ continues to welcome back some beloved alumna.

Just a week after it was announced that Laura Prepon would star in "most" of the second season of the hit Netflix dramedy (and there was much rejoicing), it looks as if one of the talented women from behind the camera is taking up a role again.

Oscar-winning actress Jodie Foster has returned to a directing role on ‘Orange,’ as last week she was spotted on set and behind the camera on location with cast and crew in chilly Riverhead, New York.

Foster famously directed the third episode of the prison-set drama, an episode entitled "Lesbian Request Denied."

The scene in question is reportedly set in 1992, and is part of a back-story of one of the many orange-clad residents of inmates of Litchfield woman’s penitentiary. Foster was on set, though none of the show’s main stars were; still, the shoot captured the attention of the small town of Riverhead. Little is known about the scene, or the extent to which Foster is involved in the forthcoming season.

Foster’s work behind the camera is nowhere near as prolific, yet, as her work in front of it. In addition to the one episode of ‘Orange’ shot in 2013, Foster most notably directed Mel Gibson in the odd drama, ‘The Beaver.’

While exciting for fans, the biggest news is still yet to come: the drop date of the entire second season of ‘Orange.’ Tentatively set for spring, the viewing audience eagerly awaits when they will be able to stay up all night and binge.

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Written by: AnthonyWrites
Feb 10th, 2014, 1:33 pm

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Message Posted On Feb 10th, 2014, 2:07 pm
So tired of the whiny upscale white people in the show. I want to stab the boyfriend he grates that much. They never explained why the junkie chick was in a federal facility when her crime, if any, was so petty. Other than first world problems likeable show. Kind of lacking the incessant rape of OZ, but hey they are chicks after all.
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