Netflix Releases 3 New Promos for 'House of Cards'


Netflix Releases 3 New Promos for 'House of Cards'


Netflix is really putting out all the stops for the Season 2 launch of its monster hit, 'House of Cards.' Within the last two months, there have been images, cinemagraphs and a trailer released all in anticipation for the award-winning series big premiere. Now the streaming service has given us three new promos to enjoy. 

The promos depict what we've already guessed would be happening in D.C., thanks to Frank Underwood's (Kevin Spacey) underhanded promotion to Vice President: lots of secrets, potential backstabbing, and, yes, more secrets. 

In the "Welcome Back" promo, Frank is preparing for his new role the best way he knows how: by being cut throat (both literally and figuratively). In a possible foreshadowing, he warn us that, "For those of us climbing to the top of the food chain, there can be no mercy." 

The "Francis and Claire" promo unveils a closer look at Frank's loyal (and potentially lethal?) wife, Claire (Robin Wright). During the first season, we watched how Frank basically controlled every aspect of their marriage, but will Claire take the reins in this new season with her own brand of drama? By the looks of things, she has a few of her own tricks up her sleeve and, admittedly, we're rooting for her.


The "Political" promo pretty much enscapulates what we know to be true about politics (and Frank Underwood): hypocrisy and being just "shy of treason" rules the roost. This sneak peek is also the scariest one of the bunch thanks to the creepy bird scene and, oh, because everyone looks like they're in danger and about to be chopped into itty bitty pieces. Well, except for Frank, of course. He's always cool as a cucumber.


The second season of 'House of Cards' drops Friday, on Valentine's Day, so make sure to watch them with your sweetheart, or, at least, another body. From the looks of these promos, you'll need to hold onto someone tightly that night.


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Written by: briannehogan
Feb 12th, 2014, 7:26 am

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