TVRage Bulletin: ‘Big Bang’ Will Air on New Fall Night, ‘Perception’ Casts Daniel's Dad & More!


TVRage Bulletin: ‘Big Bang’ Will Air on New Fall Night, ‘Perception’ Casts Daniel’s Dad & More!


In addition to all of the other news we’ve been reporting, here are a few entertainment and TV headlines you might have missed:

-'The Big Bang Theory’ and ‘Elementary’ fans can rest assured, as both series will not be delayed due to CBS’ ‘Thursday Night Football.’ Both series’ (‘Big Bang’ for sure, and if ‘Elementary’ gets renewed for Season 3) will move to a new fall night, CBS CEO Leslie Moonves recently revealed. Once ‘TNF’ ends, both shows would return to Thursdays.

-TNT’s ‘Perception’ has cast Peter Coyote (‘Brothers & Sisters,’ ‘Intelligence’) as Daniel Pierce’s (Eric McCormack) father, James Alan Pierce, exclusively reports. He comes to town with “stunning news,” and let’s just say Daniel is less than thrilled to see dear old dad.

-ABC’s ‘Mistresses’ keeps adding to its cast, with Krista Allen (‘Days of Our Lives’) as the newest face, TVLine has confirmed. She will guest star in the second season of the summer series as Janine Winterbaum aka a “real housewife” of Beverly Hills who hires Harry and Joss as caterers.

-'Haven’s Emily Rose has just scored the recurring role of Jessica Foster in USA’s ‘Graceland.’ As the FBI’s “sexy and forceful” Assistant Deputy Director, Jessica acts as Mike’s (Aaron Tveit) boss, his ally and even potential love interest.

-C. Thomas Howell is coming to ‘Grimm’ as FBI Agent Weston Steward, reports. He’ll first appear in Episode 18, and it seems Alexis Denisof’s Prince Viktor “views Weston as an invaluable resource when stateside issues need to be handled swiftly and precisely.”

-ABC’s comedy pilot ‘Damaged Goods’ is welcoming Steve Talley (‘Pretty Little Liars’) in a lead role. The comedy revolves around sexual politics, and will focus on three damaged women and two damaged men. Talley will play one of the men, Jason, a ladies man who sabotages his relationships.

-John Gemberling (‘Super Fun Night’) is joining David Caspe’s NBC comedy, ‘Marry Me.’ Gemberling will play Gil, Jake’s (Ken Marino) best friend, who’s divorced and pines over his ex-girlfriend.

Big Bird Wilson

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Other than the witty and quick banter, it contains elements that are found on no other show: Two Dynamite Blondes.

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TBBT is past it's sell by date??? That's why it's #1 in ratings?? Perceptionis a little out there in it's premise, but it has a decent writing staff and really good actors and OK ratings for TNT... I guess the only thing you watch on TV is Downton Abby.


Message Posted On Feb 13th, 2014, 10:53 am
TBBT is way past it's sell by date. No more Geek humor and main love interest is now an alcoholic whore. Perception is still on? What kind of brain dead demographic does that cater to? Schizophrenic guy solving crimes, christ how stupid is the genpop? Psycho guy covered in crap yelling at everyone passing his corner, that is the reality.