Demi Lovato Close to Signing on with X Factor US!

demi lovatoAmidst the debate as to whetether or not Brittney Spears is joining the X Factor US this Fall, Demi Lovato's name has been thrown into the mix. The once Disney Star is in negotiations to join the judging panel on the singing competition show.  For weeks now, Lovato has been meeting with producers of the show to work out the deal and is close to signing the contract. The sudden news comes as a shock to many mainly because of Lovato's recent breakdown. Others feel that Lovato is a perfect candidate for the show because she knows how it feels to had hit rock bottom with a disorder and to pick yourself right up again. Demi Lovato proved this with her hit "Skyscraper". Amongst the judges, Brittney Spears as well has had a breakdown and thus, the pair couldn't be more suitable for the position.

It is going to be interesting to see what the auditions are going to be like with the pair with singers who feel that they are like Adele and really should like a cat in heat are going to react to the two singers' opinions. No news from Fox as to whether it is concrete or not, but the pipework has been laid and they are working on getting it to be so. Simon Cowell has more tricks up his sleeves for this next season of X Factor that is surely going to keep everyone on their toes. Like so many things, we are going to have to wait to see what the final verdict is. What do you think of the possibility of Demi Lovato being a judge on The X Factor US?

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Written by: tvaholic
May 3rd, 2012, 11:08 am

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