Lopez Ready for Husband #4

jennifer lopez and casper smart dinnerIt seems that Jennifer Lopez doesn't like to be single for very long. Since the divorce finalized in 2010 from her ex-husband Marc Antony, Jennifer Lopez as many know, has been dating Casper Smart, a backup dancer. Now, based on her comments to her friends, she wants to marry him. She recently gave Casper a new job on her ensemble. He is the choreographer for her upcoming tour with Enrique Iglesais and Wisin Y Yandel. This may come as a shock to many, but Casper has experience with this kind of work as he showed with choreographing for Beyonce, Eminem, Kelly Rowland and shows like So You Think You Can Dance, The X Factor, and America's Best Dance Crew. Thus, it is clear that Casper is going to do a good job.

However, many are still questioning why Lopez wants to marry Casper so soon after meeting him. Her friends have said that Casper follows her everywhere and does everything that she says. In the marriage with Marc Antony, it was her who was getting controlled. Still, some argue that marriage should be a partnership and not one having more control over the other. It is clear that the happy couple are serious and are in love. No news as to whether Casper has those same feelings as Lopez or is simply enjoying the ride of financial freedom until it comes to an end. The push for marriage was coming and it could be a good thing for the American Idol judge to get back into the swing of things. What do you think? Is this just "Puppy Love" and Jennifer should wait to propose to Casper?

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It's none of my business, nor anyone else's whether JLo should propose or not.  Marriage (yes, even celebrity marriage) is between two people, and none of the rest of our opinions matter, nor should be voiced, on the matter.

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