Get Litt Up: Top Louis Litt Moments from USA’s ‘Suits’


Get Litt Up: Top Louis Litt Moments from USA’s ‘Suits’


This Thursday (tomorrow), ‘Suits’ finally returns for the second half of its third season. Yes, Harvey, Mike, Donna, Rachel, Jessica and Louis are all back in our lives, which means we can once again live vicariously through our favorite Pearson Specter characters.

So, what better way to honor this fantastic series’ return than by featuring the one character that not only provides comedic relief every now and again, but who is passionate about his dictaphone, cats, ballet, and, of course, his work.

That’s right folks, it’s time to “Get Litt Up," Louis Litt style. Played by the Litt-tastic Rick Hoffman, Louis is one lawyer who doesn’t like getting benched, being kept in the dark or having his passions taken away like he’s being stripped of his legal power. And, yes, he’s a little goofy, but that’s why we love him!

With that said, here are some of the top Louis Litt moments to help you get in the ‘Suits’ spirit.

Warning: by this feature’s end, you will be “Litt Up” -- you’re welcome!

1. “I happen to have a way with those of the feline persuasion.”
Get Litt Up: Top Louis Litt Moments from USA’s ‘Suits’

The one thing that gets in the way of Louis' work? Cats. When Louis is busy at the firm, he’s also busy obsessing about cats, especially those that don’t belong to him. Remember that time he cat-sat Nigel’s feline, Mikado? Louis fell so in love that he held a mock trial to gain custody of the animal. Like cats, Louis is also a curious creature. And, I think he says it best when it comes to the purr-fect animals, "Do I have a brain in my head? Do I have a heart in my chest? Who is this stunning creature?"

2. “There’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s just good, clean mud.”
Get Litt Up: Top Louis Litt Moments from USA’s ‘Suits’

Everyone needs a little break from work, and Louis has one of the best ways, even if you do have to get a little dirty. But that comes with the territory of being a lawyer, right? Louis likes to go mudding, and he even likes to bring friends, like Mike Ross. It’s the perfect time to bond, throw a little mud and get your head back in the legal game.

3. “Now, relevé your ass back to work.”
Get Litt Up: Top Louis Litt Moments from USA’s ‘Suits’

His life might revolve around his legal occupation, but that doesn’t mean Louis isn’t cultured, especially when it comes to the ballet. He even likes to educate the associates, particularly Harold, about the classic dance, and he won’t have anyone bash the style that helped with Audrey Hepburn, Penelope Cruz and Zoe Saldana’s successful careers.

4. “I would like for you to meet Miss Sheila’s Ass.”
Get Litt Up: Top Louis Litt Moments from USA’s ‘Suits’

Some of the best Louis moments revolve around Harvard’s Sheila Sazs. Not only do these two make one unique romantic duo (and a huge yay! for Louis having a love interest), but they also have one hilarious business relationship. Right from the get go these two hit it off with their wit and authority. They’re basically the same person.

5. “There’s not one single Uni-Ball in this entire firm.”
Get Litt Up: Top Louis Litt Moments from USA’s ‘Suits’

One thing you don’t mess with? Louis’ Uni-Ball’s. First, get your mind out of the gutter. Second, Uni-Ball is a brand of pens. He’s very passionate when it comes to his office supplies. If they aren’t stocked, watch out. For example, when he has to use a cheap brand of pens, just look what hppens. He gets it smeared on his face and turns out looking like one of the most evil rulers in history.

6. “Meet Kenneth Branagh and challenge him to a soliloquy contest -- and win.”
Get Litt Up: Top Louis Litt Moments from USA’s ‘Suits’

Whether he uses it to record Harvey telling him he’s “the man” or to dictate his bucket list (as seen below), Louis cannot live without his very special dictaphone. It’s kind of like his wingman and best friend, all-in-one. They’ve been through both fun and rough times, but that dictaphone will always be by Louis’ side.

7. "You Just Got Litt Up!"
Get Litt Up: Top Louis Litt Moments from USA’s ‘Suits’

You can’t have Louis without his catchphrase, “You Just Got Litt Up!” From printing it on coffee mugs to yelling it into his dictaphone to shouting it from the rooftops to showcasing it in the courtroom, Louis’ saying embodies who he is on ‘Suits.’ Who doesn’t want to get Litt up?

8. “I’m sorry. You must've accidentally somehow gotten the folder of me photoshopped as various American Presidents. I actually like that one. I look pretty sharp, don't I?"
Get Litt Up: Top Louis Litt Moments from USA’s ‘Suits’

Last, but definitely not least, we have that moment where Louis photoshopped his face onto the bodies of U.S. presidents, because why not? It was a way to distract his competition in the courtroom, and boy did it work wonders. Scroll to 2:50 to see President Louis in action, and you can also check out other top Louis moments.

‘Suits’ premieres Thursday, March 6 at 9/8c on USA.

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