AMC Sets Premiere Date for 'Halt and Catch Fire,' Nixes 'Line of Sight'


AMC Nixes 'Line of Sight;' Sets Premiere Date for 'Halt and Catch Fire'


AMC is busy making moves today, announcing the premiere date of one hopeful drama while axing another following its pilot.

First, the good news. ‘Halt and Catch Fire,’ a 10-episode series set in the 1980s as a trio of engineering whizzes try to revolutionize the personal computer, will premiere on Sunday, June 1 at 10/9c.

The series stars Lee Pace, Scoot McNairy, and Mackenzie Davis as IBM executive Joe Millan, engineer Gordon Clark, and reckless prodigy Cameron Howe, respectively. Also starring Kerry Bishe and Toby Huss, ‘Halt and Catch Fire’ is created by Chris Cantwell and Chris Rogers, and is led by showrunner Jonathan Lisco.

AMC Nixes 'Line of Sight;' Sets Premiere Date for 'Halt and Catch Fire'There will be no premiere date for ‘Line of Sight’ with David Morrissey, however. The sci-fi drama starring the former villain on ‘The Walking Dead’ will not be moving forward, as AMC has passed on the pilot, as first reported by Deadline.

Created by Blake Masters (‘Brotherhood’), the series followed Lewis Bernt (Morrissey), a National Transportation Safety Board investigator who survives a mysterious plane crash and must grapple with the trauma while searching for the cause.

There series also starred Sarah Clarke, Kai Lennox, Omar Metwally, Olar Darri Olafsson, and Samantha Mathis.

‘Line of Sight’ was the first sci-fi project greenlit by AMC, but while that network has passed, FOX TV Studios look to shop the series elsewhere. 

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Mar 5th, 2014, 1:43 pm

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HCF is a great tech term you don't hear much anymore (because people don't so assembly language much).  Hope the show's as savvy.

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