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Lifetime Renews The Client List

Jennifer Love Hewitt in The Client List

All those sexy ads with Jennifer Love Hewitt parading around in her underwear (an example of which can be seen above) seem to have paid dividends for Lifetime, as EW.com is reporting that the cable network has elected to renew The Client List for a new batch of episodes to be aired in 2013.

For those unaware, The Client List stars JLH as single mother Riley Parks, who is forced to work at a "massage parlor" called The Rub to make ends meet after her husband abandons her and the kids. One doesn't have to think much to realize why Hewitt was cast in that type of role. She may not be 20 anymore, but if anything she might be even look better now than she did in her I Know What You Did Last Summer days. Keep in mind potential viewers, the ads are just a hook. There is surprisingly little J Love semi-nakedness for a show entirely promoted around her ample "assets". Well then again, it is on Lifetime.

Whatever the reasoning of audiences, TCL has quickly become one of the highest rated series in the history of the network. So it was certainly in no danger of not being picked up for round two. The series co-stars Cybill Shepherd as Riley's mom and Colin Egglesfield as Riley's "hunky" brother-in-law. Hard not to see that relationship coming from a mile away.

Do you watch The Client List? Is there something there worth watching besides unfulfilled teases of Hewitt in her unmentionables? Or is it just a fluffy piece of popcorn that lucked onto an audience?

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Written by: msd85
May 7th, 2012, 2:33 pm

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