Gary Oldman to Produce Horror Drama Series 'The Diabolic'


Gary Oldman to Produce Horror Drama Series 'The Diabolic'


An acclaimed actor once known for portraying some of the most nefarious villains on the big screen will look to television where he will produce a horror series with more evil at its heart.

Gary Oldman, who has recently come to play the good guy in such films as the ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Batman’ franchises after a successful run of assuming antagonists, will make his first foray into the small screen. As first reported by Deadline, Oldman, alongside Douglas Urbanski’s Flying Studio, has teamed up with eOne TV to develop and produce a horror drama series.

‘The Diabolic’ follows the life and exploits of a brilliant but broken exorcist. He falls in love with a single mother, whose son just so happens to be possessed by an evil so powerful that it jeopardizes not only the boy, but the entirety of humankind.

Daniel Kay will write the pilot as Oldman and Urbanski’s studio team up for the first time on TV, having worked together in film for ‘The Contender.’

Oldman is just the latest in a string of high-profile film stars who are venturing into television for acting (Matthew McConaughey, Halle Berry), directing (David Fincher), and producing opportunities over the last couple years. As networks become more flexible, allowing writers and producers to craft shorter season over longer time frames, television is becoming an attractive venue for those who regularly work in film.

The profilic actor was most recently in the ‘RoboCop’ reboot, and can be seen later the is year in ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.’ He is also in talks to appear in the forthcoming ‘Star Wars’ feature.

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Written by: AnthonyWrites
Mar 6th, 2014, 10:34 am

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