Starz and BBC to Co-Produce, James Nesbitt to Star in 'The Missing'


Starz and BBC to Co-Produce, James Nesbitt to Star in 'The Missing'


After a similar arrangement worked out well for both parties last year, Starz is once again teaming up with the BBC to co-produce a limited drama series (ie: miniseries).

Directed by Tom Shankland ('Ripper Street,' 'Dirk Gently,' 2008's underrated "killer kid" horror flick 'The Children'), 'The Missing' follows Tony ('The Hobbit's James Nesbitt), a Londoner whose life is forever changed by the abduction of his son during a family trip to France.

Emotionally devastated by his loss, Tony refuses to believe that his son is dead, and spends the next several years frantically searching for him. This obsessive pursuit puts a huge strain on his marriage to Emily ('Mr. Selfridge's Frances O'Connor), and threatens to tear the very fabric of his family apart. French actor Tcheky Karyo is also attached as Julien, the detective who oversaw the initial investigation into the child's disappearance.

While 2013's 'The White Queen' didn't exactly set the world on fire critically, it ended up being a big commercial hit for the Starz/BBC team, so it's really no surprise that they would attempt to mimic that success. Unlike their previous effort, 'The Missing' is scheduled to air its eight episodes concurrently on both sides of the pond. 'White Queen' aired on about a two month delay between its U.K. showing on the BBC, and its U.S. showing on Starz.

'The Missing' premieres on both BBC One and Starz in fall 2014.

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Mar 6th, 2014, 3:09 pm

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