Robert Patrick Joins CBS Pilot 'Scorpion'


Robert Patrick Joins CBS Pilot 'Scorpion'


While Robert Patrick had been acting since the mid-80s, it wasn't until James Cameron cast him in the scene-stealing role of the murderous shapeshifting robot known only as T-1000 that his career really took off. Since his iconic turn in 'Terminator 2,' Patrick has never again wanted for work, appearing in over 100 movies and TV shows in the decades since.

The latest entry in Robert Patrick's gigantic filmography is the CBS drama pilot 'Scorpion.' We first told you about 'Scorpion's development last month, and the project has now reached the casting stage. From the producing team of Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci ('Sleepy Hollow,' J.J. Abrams' 'Star Trek' films), 'Scorpion' revolves around an eccentric genius and his worldwide cabal of fellow geniuses that work to protect humanity from "the complex threats of the modern age."

CBS still hasn't clarified exactly what that last part means, but my guess is probably terrorism, likely of the cyber variety. Still, with Kurtzman and Orci at the helm, I wouldn't be surprised if the mysterious group of geniuses has to protect history from marauding time travelers. That would certainly qualify as a "complex threat."

Befitting his usual style, Patrick will portray Cabe Gallo, a no-nonsense, blue collar federal agent that works closely with the aforementioned group. With Patrick in the role, that "no-nonsense" descriptor is likely just code for tough-as-nails badass.

Robert Patrick can currently be seen playing Jacob Fuller on the El Rey Network's series adaptation of 'From Dusk Till Dawn,' and worked on both HBO's 'True Blood' and ABC's 'Last Resort' in 2013. He is also set to return to the big screen later this year, co-starring with names like Jeremy Renner and Michael Sheen in the crime drama 'Kill the Messenger.'

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Mar 9th, 2014, 12:47 pm

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